Apps should be created and designed in a way that adds value to your clients and employees. A great App is easy to use and looks great! We don’t just build Apps, we design them! User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the two core factors we base all our App developments on. We custom develop Apps to drive engagement strategies either internally with your employees or to communicate with your clients.


Karan Beef wanted mechanism to access their customer base whilst adding to their culinary experiences. Also included is a geolocation store and restaurant locator so customers know where to buy their favorite beef. The app has been used for radio and digital campaigns with full analytics, tracking and constantly refreshed content.


Magnesium designed the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for the mobile App for the AA (The Automobile Association). We wanted the App to be personal and dynamic and therefore the design of the home screen changes depending on the time of day and weather as well as greets the person using the App. The App has certain key features and these processes involved in the functionality of the App were carefully designed to make it as user friendly as possible. The App also has extra features such as vehicle rates, traffic updates and fuel prices which provides further benefits to users. These extra features are completely customisable allowing the user to choose what they would like to see. We understand that mobile Apps need to be valuable and relevant to the user and this is considered in every App Build and UI/UX design.


Standard Bank ran a conference using our Engage App with the emphasis on network and engagement. Using our Connections Game, delegates were encouraged to meet one another, answer a question and the live connections made were displayed on a big screen at the venue.


For the SingularityU PPS Members Forum, our Engage App was white labelled to engage with over 500 delegates over the two day conference. With almost 60 000 pageviews, delegates were in touch with all happenings at this exponential event.


Native, purely yours to white label with your event or brand. Android and iOS compatible. Allows you to engage with people and still have control over your event. Using Mag QR from our ticketing system, the data pulls through and can be used for checking in attendees or lead generation. All dynamic data is controlled through the dashboard which either you control, or our support team handles for you. READ MORE about the feature of Engage by Magnesium