Augmented reality is the latest hype and luckily we don’t envision it being just a fad. Using Apple’s AR kit, creating an experiential immersive experience for your brand or activation is a great way to attract an audience. We have an internal animation department that will assist with making almost any idea come to life.

We understand that getting an audience to download a mobile application can be challenging and that is why Browser Augmented Reality is the way to go. People can experience Augmented Reality through a web browser without having to download an app, using very little mobile data. We have refined a browser based Augmented Reality platform that has the capability to convey any kind of message, with cool effects!

Try it out for yourself.

Get your phone out, go to and point to the anchor below in the advert. This technique can be used for any sort of call to action including enter a competition, download an app, visit a website, watch a video, to mention a few. Browser Augmented Reality can be used as the ultimate form of lead generation with proven results, all achieved through a smartphone.

Need 3D animation for your AR?

We would love to assist you in creating an incredible experience for your audience. The above examples were created and animated by our experienced animation team. Contact us now for AR – link for contact form

Exponential Journal

For the SingularityU South Africa Summit, we were tasked with creating a continuous engagement platform for the media. At the launch of the Summit they were given a journal with codes and dates and ONE LINK. This link loads various models with call to actions relevant to the events and announcements leading up to the Summit.


Please go to on your phone browser. Select the AR button. Allows access to your camera and turn your phone to landscape. Point your camera at the icon in the frame.

Exponential Journal - Cover